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Expert Information

What is an Expert?

An Expert is a small tool used to analyze network data. They've been around for a long time and for many different products. Network Monitor 2 had them as well and many just run as a stand-alone application. In Network Monitor 3.3, we've allowed them to be launched from within the Network Monitor UI on your open capture file. Experts will be able to display information you need for diagnosing problems on that file. Every Expert is unique and performs a different function. Hopefully, a few of the Experts on this site will make a task you perform every day a lot easier.

How do I install Experts?

Experts listed from this group have MSI installers under their Downloads tab. Just download the correct installer corresponding to your Network Monitor platform and run it! The next time you open a capture file in Network Monitor, you should see the new Expert under the "Experts" menu on the top menu bar.

How do I use Experts?

Experts can only be run on previously saved capture files. Simply download and install the Experts you wish to use, open your capture file in Network Monitor and go to the Experts menu. You'll see the list of your installed Experts and be able to go to their sub-menu to Launch them on your opened capture file. Each Expert should also provide its own help file as each Expert can work in different ways. This is accessible from the sub-menu as well and is important to read.

How do I write an Expert?

Network Monitor has an API which aids in reading and filtering capture files. Information about the API is available from the Help menu within Network Monitor. That's the best place to start. The second step is to just wrap your Expert in an installer so that it can register itself with Network Monitor. You can download our SDK from our Downloads tab on this site.

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