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Network Monitor and Microsoft Loopback Adapter


It is know that the loopback address aka cannot be sniffed on Windows. As turnaround, some (WireShark) experts suggest to use the Microsoft Loopback Adapter. In Wireshark, this allows to see broadcast traffic, but not local traffic event between to IP addresses set in the MS Loopback Adapter. In general, Network Monitor (and WrieShark) doesn't allow to see self addressed traffic.
Is it possible to capture Loopback traffic? And further self addressed traffic?
I wrote a BACnet Parser.
Closed Aug 25, 2009 at 9:49 PM by MichaelHawker
Hi Pgoetz,The Microsoft Loopback Adapter indeed has limited capabilities and it's not currently possible for Network Monitor to capture direct loopback traffic. This is something we are aware of though, but this isn't the right forum to address it. This is specifically for issues related to our Experts SDK.We already have a bug on our connect site here: (you'll need to sign-in).For your BACnet Parser, you'll want to issue a request at