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Doesn't Work on LDAPS?


Trying to decrypt LDAPS traffic to an ADLDS server. After 30-40 minutes of decrypting the 764 frames, the resultant capture file doesn't have properly decrypted traffic. The "decrypted" capture is only readable in WireShark, and is only readable if WireShark is configured with the private key. Other traces attempted aborted partway through the decryption.
Has LDAPS been tested or been known to work?
This is the x64 version of NM 3.3, with the 2131 parsers.
Closed Apr 2, 2010 at 10:18 PM by MichaelHawker
This should be filed with the actual Expert's site, this tracker is for our SDK.I copied the bug already here: decryption expert only works on SSL/TLS at the moment. I updated our main page with the info. Sorry for the confusion.